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Another Book for Young Adults’ Future

Fundamental Retirement/Protirement Planning “Classic Primer for Young Adults” was New Beginnings first book defining young adults as the answer for elderhood relationship, bonding, and communication.

In the Strangest Secret in the World, Earle Nightengale vocalized that “Success is moving toward a worthwhile goal. We become what we think about most.”

This book is a classic primer for young adults and was written to encourage early discernment, planning, preparation of God’s life plan, including protirement. God has given us unique talents to use in fulfilling our specific plan. The following are essential keys to your planning:



Family Budgeting

Estate Planning




For the best results, we need the start early in the first half of life to finish exceptionally well in the second-half.

The information presented is drawn from a combination of the Bible, personal experience and research, and others counsel and experience.

The more diligently practiced, the better the results.

Brevity and reiteration have been used as a teaching tool for ease of reading while reinforcing key ideas and significant points.

The book treats your life as a whole. You have most of it in front of you and will be far ahead of the game if you seize wisdom for a living when it comes your way.

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