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Aging Ministry Accreditation Crusade Update No. 7

Honorary Doctor in Christian Leadership

Today Robert W. Chism, CAM (Bob) received an Honorary Doctor of Christian Leadership from Los Angels Development Church & Institute Inc., California (USA).An honorary degree is not an academic professional designation. It is bestowed in recognition of life experience and strengthen the precipitant’s confidence and empowerment. Hopefully, it is in part recognition for the New Beginning’s 2020 Aging Ministry Accreditation Crusade and recognized for 15 years second half of life research; founding New Beginnings (www.gonew; an author on aging ministry for adolescents (Age 12-20) and Elderhood adults (Age 65-84) totaling over 2,500 pages in 11 Guides, 15 books, and numerous articles.

At times such as these is an opportunity to share those things that are life directing.

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