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New Beginning's 2020 Aging Ministry Accreditation Crusade Update No. 3

New Beginnings announces a new handbook entitled Introduction to Aging Ministry. It is the Official, first of its kind, 21st Century handbook for Aging Ministry for students in the first semester of their third year.

The handbook focuses attention on pastoral and broader societal aspects of aging and prepares the student in ministering to both ends of the life cycle, i. e., adolescents (ages 12-20) and elderhood (ages 65-84) in the 21st Century.

After completing this course, students will have a deeper understanding of age-related issues:

  • Ageism amelioration text, the student will have a deeper understanding of age-related issues:

  • The new elderhood life stage

  • Intentional domestic older adult unchurched evangelism

  • A simultaneous approach with adolescent and elderhood life stages to create better understanding

  • Early discernment, planning, and preparation of God’s life plan for protirement

  • Utilization of all age volunteer lay leaders for ministry (“to” and “among” and “by” and “with”) working together alongside their pastors

  • Understand the interdisciplinary relationships of intergenerational, elderhood protirement, and financial development ministry.

  • Coordinate volunteer member church philanthropy

  • Local congregational implementation approach.

The Introduction to Aging Ministry: A Handbook condenses over 2,500 pages from 14 books, eight guides, and numerous articles plus draws on 15 years of research by the author.

The handbook comes with a syllabus example with other information for seminary leadership.

These aging ministry tools were created by New Beginnings to compliment the 2020 Aging Ministry Accreditation Crusade.

Aging ministry tools will be provided to religious learning center leadership members of the Class of 2020 Aging Ministry Crusade.

Also, aging ministry tools will be provided to all members of the Class of 2020 Aging Ministry Crusade.

All mailings should be completed by the beginning of February, 2020.

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