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New Beginnings’ Aging Ministry Crusade Update No. 1

Bible colleges, seminaries, and other settings for training today’s clergy and lay leaders offer

little, if any, coursework in the second half of life ministry,

Dr. Richard H. Gentzler, Jr.

New Beginnings published Second Half of Life Seminary Curricula to provide top-down all-ages ministry core curriculum to teach the professors, to teach their students, to teach both ends of life in a congregation.

Also, New Beginnings published Answers for the Next Generation for adolescence (ages 12-20) to provide explanations for some of the most formidable questions of life. Some of the answers draw elderhood (ages 65-84) closer together. All of us are in this together, growing older, just at different stages of life. By confronting now 30+ year into the future is a lynch-pin for better bonding with aging adults.

In November, over 70 copies of both books were mailed to Religious Educational Center and Professional Aging Ministry Leaders by New Beginnings. Second-Half Ministries Seminary Curricula calls for change advocates who have change agents in their circle of influence to step up and help implement in religious centers of learning. Likely, the most success will be with the institution which both agents had or continue to have good direct contact.

In addition, New Beginnings has carefully developed an additional option to influence premiere religious centers of God’s Declaration, Feed ALL My Sheep. New Beginnings has pre-qualified each educational center interested.

A third initiative by New Beginning is pursuing accrediting organizations as to requirements for an aging ministry as part of any bachelor degree.

These goals cannot be accomplished by New Beginnings’ alone. Each reader who wishes to be a part of this effort is welcome and needed. Also, New Beginning will enthusiastic pursue all personal second half of life professional colleagues, allies, comrades, partners, non-specialist educational leaders, and viable, active, capable, bottom-up religious, all age, elderhood, protirement, and aging ministry professionals.

New Beginnings will assume temporary responsibility for facilitating the movement until an aging ministry organization is created to promote and make necessary tactical steps to fully make the plan a reality.

Progress will be reported in Chism’s Isms’ blog on the New Beginnings’ website (www., i. e. here. This is the first update.


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