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New Beginnings Launches Multi-Efforts to Feed All Ages of His Sheep

New Beginnings new logo focus reflects its new direction to seek, share with, serve all ages, including adolescents (ages 12-20) to where they will be in 30-years--- today, i.e., the transformation of future reality and understanding of aging, elderhood, protirement, older adults, senior citizens as well as the need to plan their salvation, stewardship, wellness and works now.

First, a new dynamic Answers for the Next Generation.

Bob (Robert W. Chism, Certified Aging Minister [CAM]) has a genuine passion for passing on a legacy of wisdom to future generations. The solutions are as complex as the questions challenging: Responsibility; Salvation; Marriage; Stewardship Budget, Estate, & Legacy Planning; Wellness; Education; Patriotism; Age Equality and Elderhood & Protirement.

Answers for the Next Generation is for adolescents (12-20) and provides explanations for some of the most formidable questions of life. Some self-help books cover some, but not all of life’s challenging questions in one place, until now.

Fundamental Retirement/ Protirement Planning was New Beginnings’ first adolescents book. Both books reflect a genuine passion for sharing wisdom to future generations.

The answers in Answers for the Next Generation will be as helpful as their acceptance as truth, internalization, prayerfulness, visualization, consistent application, and sharing with your spouse and other trusted friends.

The foreword is by Ken Horn.

Second, a revised Second Half of Life Seminary Curricula, Second Edition.

The author has a clear understanding and a wealth of wisdom in the second half of life ministry which is the essence of Second Half of Life Seminary Curricula, Second Edition. Earlier similar books were Second-Half Elderhood Protirement Ministry, Second Edition and The Essential Ingredients For Second-Half Ministry, Second Edition.

The author strongly encourages the leadership of religious training to study Second Half of Life Seminary Curricula, Second Edition for it provides “vigorous” and “practical” aging curricula guidelines for implementation. The book calls for change advocates who have change agents in their circle of influence. Both change agents and advocates share the vision of putting into their institution’s hands a track of training that will better equip pastors to reach and mobilize elderhood protirement adults. Also, the book calls for change advocates to recruit change agents across the nation inside their college and university community who support the Second-Half Ministries Seminary Curricula, Second Edition for their institution.

The foreword is by Richard T. Gentzler, Jr. and the afterword by Chuck Stecker.

Third a New Improved 12 Volume Second-Half Ministry Reading Certification Series.

Bible colleges, seminaries, and other settings for training today’s clergy and leaders offer little if any, coursework in the second half of life ministry, according to Richard T. Gentzel.

The 12 Volume of books in the Second-Half Ministry Reading Certification Series was published to help fill the void of coursework for the second half of life ministry. Each book in the series has been updated and edited by a PH. D. English consultant. The author has used reiteration to reinforce ideas and theory in all the books both intra and inter. Some terminology aging, elderhood, protirement, older adults, senior citizens are used interchangeably.

The books are guides to wisdom, knowledge about "mass-aging." The series is one of New Beginnings’ most powerful tools addressing Second Half of Life Ministry. Making An Aging Difference, Second Edition is representative of the new improved 12 volume Second-Half Ministry Reading Certification Series.

Over the years the new improved 12 volume Second-Half Ministry Reading Certification Series has received endorsements by (8) Charles Arn, Dr. John H. Aukerman, Dr. Dave Gallagher, Amy Hanson Ph.D., John Heide, Ken Horn, Wes & Judy Wick; Foreword (3) by Charles Arn, Ken Horn, Chris Holck; Afterword (2) by John Heide, Dr. Stecker; and Legacy Stories by (17) Charles Arn, Cavin Harper, Dr. Richard Morgan, Dr. Chuck Stecker, Chris Holck, Jane Marie Thibault, Milton Crum, John Heide, Ken Horn, Peggy Fulghum, Nelson Malwitz, Mary Robinson Reynolds, Brian McCaffery, Wes & Judy Wick, Peter Menconi and Win Arn.

All New Beginnings book royalties, after expenses, are contributed to funding research and free services. All 14 books by the author are available at Amazon (soft and electronic copy) for $9.95

Neither New Beginnings website nor any of its book support any one political party over another or advocates any one religion over another. It does promote change based upon an added longevity bonus of 30 years, the new elderhood life stage, young and old ageism amelioration, intergenerational understanding as well as generation and life stage cognizance.

Forth, just as the 4th of July Declares our Independence as a Nation, may it also mark God’s declaration to “Feed All His Sheep,” including adolescents (ages 12-20) about Aging Ministry. Each of the announcements above, require champions. You are being called by the Holly Spirt to accept the challenge for the implementation of one or more of these actions for Him. What cannot you do for our Lord and Savior?

Bob provides some simple answers “as to the who, what, when, where, and how. Please call (224-444-8900) or email ( him, and ask or tell him how you think you can help make a difference for all ages, as your gift to God. All resources at New Beginnings are available to you at no charge. Let' make this our Declaration of Independence to Young and Old Ageism.

The foreword is by Leona Bergstrom. The afterword is by Ken Horn. An endorsement is by

Cavin T. Harper and other responsible religious professional leaders

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