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Half Two: A God-Honoring Encore

This brief article describes a new book by Wes Wick, co-founder and co-director of YES! Young Enough to Serve. Its mission is to see more second-half kingdom potential unleashed for God’s glory.

Half Two: The Quest for a God-Honoring Encore by Wes Wick, insightfully brings together each generation to God’s “Longevity-Responsibility Commission,” John 3:16 (NIV), “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever [OLD and YOUNG] believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

The book is easy reading, fresh, helpful, persuasive, and positive (Unfixing of blame for the lack of progress in unleashing second-half power). For many years, the longevity bonus opportunity and crisis within the Church has been an issue. Since there has been no top-down second-half elderhood protirement ministry seminary curriculum, hopefully, the new examples and stories will be utilized as a bottom-up approach for second-half elderhood protirement ministry seminary curriculum.

The “two-week vision trip into the land of life over fifty” is a must read for the Church hierarchy and seminaries, as well as seminary students, graduate pastors, elderhood protirement laymen desiring training and equipping for second-half evangelism plus the best use their time for the Lord, and young adults seeking early discernment, planning, and preparation for God’s life plan for them.

Kudos to Wes and Judy Wick for their vision for the 82 million who need the Lord, and the 60 million who need equipped to evangelize them. Theirs's is not just a whisper, but a gigantic cry for second-half reformation. May their words be heard and a second-half transformation result in our life time.

To clarify some of my terminology, the following definitions are provided:

Bottom-Up refers to Church Congregation Membership Up. Examples include Church Congregation Membership training and equipping and the individual lay model “by” and “with” elderhood protirement adults and ministry “to” and “among” the frail oldest old.

Elderhood is a new life stage (sixty-five to eighty-four); the next life step after adulthood, due in part to better education, greater health awareness, longevity bonus, discretionary time, and self-dependency.

Longevity Bonus is the life expectancy increase of 30 years between 1900 and 2000 which was first named by Dr. William Sadler.

Protirement (proh.TYR.munt) means retiring or quitting an unattractive job to pursue work or hobbies more suited to one's personality.

Top-Down refers to Church Corporate down. Examples include seminary training and equipping and institutional pastoral model.

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