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National Grandparent Day

A Better Inheritance

“An ancient biblical proverb says: "A good man leaves an inheritance for his children's children." What kind of inheritance is worth leaving to my grandchildren that will make their lives richer and fuller? Undoubtedly, such an inheritance involves more than money, houses, and land.

As grandparents, or future grandparents, we have been given a unique privilege and honor. We have the privilege of passing on to another generation an inheritance that will endure forever — an inheritance of truth and righteousness. But it is an inheritance that can only be passed on through honor and respect.

We live in desperate days when it is difficult to identify worthy role models for our children and grandchildren to imitate. Our nation, our churches, and our families face a crisis of leadership more severe than at any other time in our history. Moral reference points are being erased from memory while absolute truth is mocked and rejected. Self has been elevated above community. Liberty has given way to libertinism. Honor has been replaced by individual rights. Who are those who can step forward and stand in the gap for the sake of future generations? Is it possible that we, grandparents and elders, rather than youth, are the key to the future?

Sadly, too few seem to care. Like the shepherds of Israel during Ezekiel's time, there are too many who "only take care of themselves." The place of honor has been forfeited for the comforts of retirement. Wisdom and understanding are too often exchanged for freedom from responsibility. Opportunities for building for the future are discarded in favor of attempts to preserve the past. The call is now going forth to a generation approaching the autumn of life to stay in the race for the kingdom of God. It is time to resist the temptation to "check out." No greater opportunity than now exists for "checking in" and making provisions for the inheritance and legacy that God desires be left for future generations,” Cavin Harper, Executive Director of Christian Grandparenting Network.

National Grandparents Day

National Grandparents Day was signed into law by President Jimmy Carter in 1978. Each year the President is requested to issue a proclamation to designate the first Sunday in September after Labor Day as National Grandparents Day; and to call on people, groups and organizations to observe the day with appropriate ceremonies and activities.

“The day is to celebrate the lives and faith of the generation that continues to lead the church and our country. Many of our churches are discovering this day to be a great outreach day to the families of their church and communities.

Grandparents' Day involves all age groups within your church.

Your church can provide invitations for children, teens and adults to send to Grandparents and invitations for Grandparents to send to children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. These invitations will announce the special events surrounding this wonderful day.

Music, drama and other presentations involve all age groups and create many precious “Got-Ya Moments." Hand-made posters, and greeting signs can adorn the walls, with floating balloons, Christmas lights and streamers highlighting the festivities. Displays of all kinds draw attention to times past and present, giving a visual reminder that yesterdays and today are the foundations upon which our tomorrows are built.

Many are discovering that Grandparents' Day is an incredible day for the entire family. It's a day when three, four and even five generations sit together as they worship our Heavenly Father.

Older adults can sing or play special songs. Testimonies of those who have been in the church for years or recently saved can be a highlight! Older adults can act as ushers/greeters! The youth could serve a meal to the older adults.

Take advantage of this day and prepare to celebrate the generation whose faith made it possible for you to know Jesus!” John Heide, an Assembly of God USA Missionary to those in the Second Half of Life.

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