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2017 Recommended Elderhood Reading

In "Third Calling," Richard and Leona share their story to make the reader comfortable with the more familiar first two-thirds of life, before launching into presenting the less familiar third with a helpful development plan model plus meaningful quotes and scripture, critical questions and helpful research throughout the manuscript. The book identifies a new life stage for Baby Boomers and all future generation. The Lord's third calling is better assured by early planning achievement.

Sometimes all we need is an encouraging word to help us keep going. The devotions in this reusable calendar remind older adults that they still have purpose and encourage a positive frame of mind. This calendar features brief daily devotions and Bible verses, easy-to-read enlarged-print text, a gift presentation page, and space to add celebrations--birthdays, anniversaries, baptisms, etc. The calendar's stand and spiral binding make it easy to display.

In the Christian life, we have the privilege of being led by the Good Shepherd, but every journey has to end. In a word picture framed by her final eighteen months on earth, Ward Tanneberg tenderly unpacks Dixie's story, that of a private woman who lived a public life, not by choice, but by divine calling. While seeking to know a heavenly Father as elusive to her as her own had been, her life becomes a tapestry of struggle, faith, courage, and, in the end, triumph. And she does not waste her cancer.

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