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Top Down Second Half of Life Ministry Seminary Curricula

Second Half of Life Ministry Seminary Curricula ( was written to emphasize the need for training and equipping about a new life stage, Elderhood (ages 65-84), life after adulthood; for religious students; seminary graduate pastors; and elderhood protirement laymen desiring training and equipping for the best uses their time for the Lord.

Both change agents and advocates share the vision of putting into the hands of religious institutions, a track of training that will better equip pastors to effectively reach and mobilize elderhood protirement adults.

It calls for change advocates to recruit change agents within their circle of influence across the nation who are inside their college and university community who want to support the Second Half of Life Ministry Seminary Curricula for their institution.

The basis for the following curricula ideas are the result of being a sexagenarian experiencing directly many of the issues; a decade of personal research on each life stage, protirement, longevity 30-year bonus, third & fourth age plus volumes of books and articles on the need for seminary training and equipping as following:

Certification in Aging Ministries

Certification in Gerontology

Certification in Second-Half Ministry Book Reading Series


Church Philanthropy Development

Elderhood Protirement Recruiting,Training, and Placement

Second-Half Unchurched Evangelism

Second Half of Life Planning:


Estate Will

Essential Non Legal Documents


New Beginnings website


Fundamental Retirement/Protirement Planning



AD and other dementia


Cultivation of an inter-generational culture

Death and dying preparation

Effective disciple-making

Fall prevention

Grief share

Mental issues

Nutritional issues

Physical issues

Sexuality issues

Sleep issues

Social issues

Spiritual issues

Establishment of a system to have meaningful contact with those leaving full-time employment


Helping oneself and others finish extremely well

Individual lay ministry leader philosophy

New beginnings positive longevity attitude nurturing

A benevolent and generous lifestyle

Volunteering and working alongside gifted pastors

The above list is not necessarily complete or totally accurate. However, it is a starting point.

The book was also written to showcase a Second-Half Ministry Reading Certification Series for training and equipping at all levels.

Implementation will require (1) Not trying to fix past blame, (2) Accepting responsibility for making an aging difference, and (3) Doing what is right, with what one has, where one is, and for as long as one can.

You can make a difference in helping to implement these curricula ideas by committing your time to research the subject (and independently join the team by becoming a Change Advocates and/or Agents.

We are all in this together, growing older. Do not hesitate to email, call or write me., 847-395-1626, Robert W. Chism (Bob), New Beginnings,1513 Eagle Ridge Drive, Antioch, IL 60002

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