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Elderhood Protirement Works

The following was excerpted from Fundamental Retirement/Protirement Planning by Robert W. Chism.

Nothing just happens. It is made to happen:

Adult Wellness and Caring

Addictive behavior

AD and other dementia


Cultivation of an inter-generational culture

Death and dying preparation

Effective disciple-making

Fall prevention

Grief share

Mental issues

Nutritional issues

Physical issues

Sexuality issues

Sleep issues

Social issues

Spiritual issues

Establishment of a system to have meaningful contact with those leaving full-time employment and six months thereafter

Evangelism to the unchurched


Helping oneself and others finish extremely well

Individual lay ministry leader philosophy

New beginnings and positive longevity attitude nurturing

A benevolent and generous lifestyle

Volunteering and working alongside gifted pastors

Expressions of Advice

When you wake up in the morning thank the Lord

Take a 10-30 minute walk each day

Sit in silence for at least ten minutes each day

Listen to music each day

Live the 3E’s...Energy, Enthusiasm, Empathy

Live the 3F’s...Faith, Famly, Friends

Spend more time with people older and younger than yourself

Dream more while you are awake

Try to make three people smile each day

Smile and laugh more

Life is not fair but it’s good

Life is too short to hate anyone

Don’t take yourself too serious

You do not have to win every argument. Agree to disagree.

Make peace with past to avoid messing up the present or future

Don’t compare your life to others

Today is special burn the candles, use the good towels and best sheets

Only you are in charge of your happiness

Foregive everyone everything

What others think of you is none of your business

God heals everything

However good or bad a situation it will change

Get rid of anything not usefull, beautiful or joyful

Believe the best is yet to come

Do the right thing

Call your family often

Remember you are too blessed to be stressed

Enjoy the journey

Play more games than last year

Read more books than last year

Don’t miss an opportunity hug family and friends

Learn something new each day

Appreciate your body as it is awesome

Life is beautiful

Each night thank God

Change Aging Intolerance and Conflict

Lack of the corporate church to act on a life stage, elderhood (age 65-84) life after graduation from the public sector

Lack of support for second-half lay ministry “to” and “among” and “by” and “with” due to the “self-appointed, holier than thou, good old boy’s God club”

Lack of full-scale ministry to the whole person for the entire life

Change Unconstitutional Government

Our government is moving from democracy towards socialism, and communism

Executive Order rather than by congressional legislation

Attempts to remove God as the essential part of our heritage

Mandatory retirement, an ageist national retirement policy has eliminated capable adults from the work force

Usurping one of the roles of the Church---general social welfare

Creating division among real workers and the entitled non-workers, haves and have not’s, rich and poor, old and young, black and white

Wealth shifting: single and married tax rate schedules, social security, Medicare, war on poverty, Obama Health Care, unemployment

Trying to make the weak strong by making the strong weak

Unsustainable debt for social welfare

Not balancing the national budget

Lack of English and immigration border enforcement

Government gun control

Elderhood Protirement Wants

Candidate not obligated to anyone.

Eliminate Big Government: Government has grown to 55% of total employment. This means private sector employment has deceased.

Public sector growth produces GNP. A Nation cannot survive spending more for Government services than it produces in the public sector. As a nation we must live within a budget. Added expenses can only be made by reducing an equal amount of pork.

The government payroll needs to be cut by 30% to 25%.

No payments to unfriendly nations.

Establish President & congressional salary & benefit cap consistent with the public sector.

Elimination of all of social security, Medicare, oBOOMa Health Care, unemployment, welfare programs, farm subsidy, United Nations contributions & lobbies. Return welfare to the Church.

Deport all illegal and anchor babies, deport all Muslims and any person dissatisfied with this country. Build a border wall manned by military forces.

Reestablish military to its maximum strength.

Enforce Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution

Provide for our veterans

Flat tax

Limit maximum length of term for the President, Congress and Supreme Court to eight years.

Establish ID cares for voting. Investigate the entire local, state, & Federal voting system.

Reestablish English as the only national language. All media must be in English.

Reestablish this as a Christian, democratic, free enterprise nation.


Elderhood is a new life stage (sixty-five to eighty-four); the next life step after adulthood, due in part to better education, greater health awareness, longevity bonus, discretionary time, and self-dependency

Protirement (proh.TYR.munt) means retiring or quitting an unattractive job to pursue work or hobbies more suited to one's personality.

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