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“In Ephesians 4, church leaders are instructed to equip the true believers for the work of the ministry. No age every age and every stage of life we need to be equipped.  Our work is not over. And we are in ministry, all called to serve.”


Judy & Wes Wick, Founders of Young Enough to Serve (YES)! and US Missionaries.

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Aging Christian Leadership Academy

Articles & Essays 

Book Library

  • 40 Days of Love (2008), Rick Warren

  • A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23 (2007), W. Philip Keller

  • A New Life Stage (Second Edition) (2015), Robert W. Chism

  • Aging and Ministry in the 21st Century (2008), Richard Gentzler, Jr.

  • Aging Successfully (2012), David P. Gallagher

  • Aging Well Bible Study Series (2014), Pete Menconi

  • Aging, the Individual, and Society (2015) S.M. Hillier and G.M. Barrow

  • Amazing Grays (1999), Leona and Richard Bergstrom

  • An Age of Opportunity: Intentional Ministry by, with, and for Older Adults (2018), Richard Gentzler, Jr.

  • Answers for the Next Generation (2019), Robert W. Chism

  • Baby Boomers and Beyond (2010), Amy Hanson

  • Catch The Age Wave (1999), Win Arn and Charles Arn

  • Celebrating Disciples (1988), Richard Foster

  • Changing Course (2007), William A. Sadler

  • Chism’s Isms (2014), Robert W. Chism

  • Concise Theology (2001), J.I. Packer

  • Daily Legacy Living (2014), Robert W. Chism

  • Encore (2007), Michael Kinsman

  • Encountering the New Testament (2005), Walter Elwell, Robert Yarbrough

  • Encountering the Old Testament (2008), Bill Arnold, Bryan Beyer

  • Faith is a Verb (2008, 1987), John Aukerman, David Neidert/ Ken Stokes

  • Faith Is a Verb: A Workbook (2008), John Aukerman

  • Financial Peace Revisited (2003), Dave Ramsey

  • Financial Peace University Workbook (2010), Dave Ramsey

  • Finishing Life Strong (2011), John Heide

  • Finishing Well (2011), John Dunlop, M.D.

  • Follow Your Calling (2012), John Bradley and Nelson Malwitz

  • Four Seasons of Leadership (2008), David Neidert

  • Fundamental Retirement/Protirement Planning (2015), Robert W. Chism

  • Generous Living (1997), Ron Blue

  • God’s Grand Plan, (2015), Robert W. Chism

  • God’s Plan of Significance (2007), Jerry and Shirley Rose

  • Graying of the Church (2004), Richard Gentzer, Jr.

  • Havens of Hope (2019), David P. Gallagher

  • Heartbeat! (2011), Charles Arn

  • How to Finish the Christian Life: Following Jesus in the Second Half (2012), Donald W. Sweeting and George Sweeting

  • Half Two (2017), Wes Wick

  • How to Minister Among Older Adults (2005), Charles Knippel

  • How to Retire (2011), Ernie Zelinski

  • How to Start a New Service (1997), Charles Arn

  • If You Passed Your Baton...Take it Back (2017), Chuck Stecker

  • Irresistible Evangelism (2003), Sjogren, Ping, Pollock

  • Joy Boosters (2012), Missy Buchanan

  • Knowing God (1993), J.I. Packer

  • Living by the Book (2007), Howard Hendricks and William Hendricks

  • Life Stages Lessons (Second Edition) (2015), Robert W. Chism

  • Longevity Response-Ability (Second Edition) (2015), Robert W. Chism

  • Making an Aging Difference (Second Edition) (2015), Robert W. Chism

  • My Plan for Finishing Well (2014) Jim Carlson

  • Management Essentials for Christian Ministries (2003), Michael Anthony

  • Master Your Money (2004), Ron Blue

  • Maximize (2010), Nelson Searcy

  • My Life After Work: Retiring from work, not life (2019), Leona and Richard Bergstrom

  • My Plan for Finishing Well (2014) Jim Carlson

  • My Next Phase (2007), Eric Sunstrom

  • New Bible Dictionary (1996), Marshall, Millard, Packer, Wiseman

  • Older Americans, Vital Communities (2015), W. Andrew Achenbaum

  • One Church, Four Generations (2002), Gary L. McIntosh

  • Planning the Life God Wants (2014), Robert W. Chism

  • Second-Half Elderhood Protirement Ministry (Second Edition) (2015), Robert W. Chism

  • Second Half of Life (2014), Robert W. Chism

  • Second Half of Life Ministry Seminary Curricula (Second Edition) (2019), Robert W. Chism

  • Senior Adult Ministry in the 21st Century (2002), David P. Gallagher

  • Significance (2010), R. Jack Hansen

  • Simply Strategic Volunteers (2005), Tony Morgan and Tim Stevens

  • Spirit Boosters (2016), Missy Buchanan

  • Super-Charged (2009), Mary Lloyd

  • The 8th Habit (2006), Stephen Covey

  • The Foundations of Leadership (2011), Gordon MacDonald

  • The Gift of Significance (2000), Doug Manning

  • The Intergenerational Church (2008), Peter Menconi

  • The Jesus Creed (2004), Scot McKnight

  • The Launch Bible study series (2011), EFCA Encore

  • The New Breed (2007), Jonathan and Thomas W. McKee

  • The Procrastinator’s Guide (2007), Eric G. Matlin

  • The Purpose Driven Church (1995), Rick Warren

  • The Purpose Driven Life (2003), Rick Warren

  • The Essential Ingredients for Second-Half Ministry (Second Edition) (2015), Robert W. Chism

  • The Third Age (2000), William A. Sadler

  • The Third Calling (2016), Leona and Richard Bergstrom

  • The Treasure Principle (2001), Randy Alcorn

  • Theology in a Nutshell (2008), Ken Horn

  • Voices of Aging (2015, Missy Buchanan

  • White unto Harvest (2003), Charles Arn

  • Working the Gray Zone (2000), Charles G. Oakes

Professional Library

Charles Arn
President, Church Growth Inc.
Professor of Outreach and Ministry Wesley 
Seminary and Author

Leona and Richard Bergstrom
Authors, Speakers, Facilitators and

Missy Buchanan
Author, Columnist, and Speaker
on issues of aging and faith

Robert W. Chism
Founder of New Beginnings, Researcher, Author, Webmaster, Teacher, Speaker, Consultant


Peggy Fulghum
Director, Boomer Builder Ministries
Johnson Ferry Baptist Church

David P. Gallagher
Professor, Author, Speaker, Pastor Emeritus

Richard H. Gentzer, Jr.
Executive Director ENCORE Ministry Gold Cross Foundation of the Tennessee Conference-UMC; the former Director of the Center on Aging & Older Adults Ministries for the General Board of Disciples; part of the Adjunct Faculty for the School of Transform Aging at Lipscomb University; an author and co-author of books and articles on aging and older adult ministry 

Amy Hanson
Author, Speaker, Consultant

Cavin Harper

ElderQuest Ministries

John Heide
U.S. Missionary to those in the Second 
Half of Life, Author, and Speaker

Chris Holck
President, Encore Generation
Planter and Pastor of Live Oaks Community Church

Dave Ramsey
Creator of Financial Peace University (FPU) and Author

Chuck Stecker
President Center for Intergenerational Ministry
President/Founder A Chosen Generation

Ward Tanneberg
Writer, Author, Speaker, Pastor Emeritus

Wes Wick
Co-Founders of YES! Young Enough to Server,
USA Missionaries for those in the Second Half of Life


Website List 


A Chosen Generation (www.achosengrneration.inf/) helps churches and families create strategies for intergenerational ministry.

AARP ( is a nonprofit membership organization of persons 50 and older dedicated to addressing their needs and interests. It has more than 39 million members, and its aims include informing members and the public on issues important to this age group, advocating on legislative, consumer, and legal issues, promoting community service, and offering a wide range of special products and services to members.

Aging Services of California ( is the leading advocate for quality nonprofit senior living and care in the state. This public-interest association represents more than 400 nonprofit providers of aging services (including affordable housing, continuing care retirement communities, assisted the living, skilled nursing, and home and community-based care) that collectively serve more than 100,000 older adults.

The association also directs a statewide public education campaign – “Aging is an Active Verb.”

The American Federation for Aging Research ( provides the latest research-based information on a wide range of age-related diseases, conditions, and issues.

America Society on Aging ( is the largest organization of multidisciplinary professionals in the field of aging. Its resources, publications, and educational opportunities are geared to enhance the knowledge and skills of people working with older adults and their families.

Christian Grandparenting Network ( is representing Christ to the next generation.

Civic Ventures ( engages millions of boomers in the workforce. Founded in 1998, the organization’s programs, original research, and strategic alliances demonstrate the value of people’s experience in solving pressing social problems. Its national service program, Experience Corps (, works with more than 2,000 members in 20 cities to help 20,000 students.


Gerontological Society of America ( is the nation’s oldest and largest multidisciplinary organization devoted to research, education, and practice in the field of aging. The primary purpose of the Society – and its 5,200-plus members – is to advance the study of aging and disseminate information among scientists, decision-makers, and the general public.


Gerontology Program, the University of North Carolina at Greensboro (, delivers leaders in the profession with the highest quality trans-disciplinary education in gerontology and performs basic and applied research, preparing students for academic and professional careers serving age-related markets nationwide.

International Longevity Center – USA (, founded in 1990 by world-renowned gerontologist and Pulitzer Prize-winning author Robert N. Butler, M.D., is the first nonprofit, nonpartisan, international research, policy, and education organization formed to educate individuals on how to live longer and better and advise society on how to maximize the benefits of today's age boom.


New Beginnings ( is a website for those in the second half of life and dedicated to seeking, sharing- with, and serving all ages.

POAMN Network News ( is a newsletter published quarterly by the Presbyterian Older Adult Ministries Network, an affiliation of the Presbyterian Church (USA).

Reignite is a new vision for a new season of life. (

Stanford Center on Longevity ( has a mission to transform the culture of aging by combining scientific and technological discoveries with swift entrepreneurial action. The SCL links top scholars with government, business, and improving memory and using technology to enhance savings and healthcare.

The OASIS Institute ( is a national, nonprofit educational organization designed to enrich the quality of life for mature adults. Seeking to keep older people active in the community through educational and volunteering programs, OASIS offers programs such as Positive Attitudes and Positive Aging to help people deal with the stresses of aging.

Third Age ( is a precious online resource for older adults, with articles on issues relevant to people over 40 and to those who want to build a genuine relationship with older people, such as relationships, romance, health, wellness, well-being, spirituality, and personal growth and development.

University of Pittsburgh’s “Generations Together: An Intergenerational Studies Program” ( focuses on intergenerational relationships and taps the wisdom of age, with programs such as the Intergenerational Early Childhood Program, Youth in Service to Elders, and Intergenerational Artist Education Program, which links older masters of the visual, literary and performing arts with budding artists.

USC Davis School of Gerontology ( is the nation’s leader in the field of gerontology and has consistently pioneered innovative educational programs. Through the efforts of the faculty, staff, and Board of Councilors, the Andrus Gerontology Center is committed to promoting successful aging and an older population that is healthy, active, and involved in the life of the community and nation.

YES! Young Enough to Service (www.yes to is an interdenominational ministry focused on maximizing over-fifty adults' kingdom potential?