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New Beginnings

New Beginnings is an online state of the art educational resource center website providing information, creating awareness and social change for all ages.

Its action plan is to write, teach, speak and consult on “The Forms of Aging Christian Leadership".


Its mission is to help all ages, generations and life stages better understand one another to promote the Kingdom of God and finish extremely well.

Its credo follows:

To focus on young adults “Experiencing Now, the Next 30 Years.”


To differentiate a new life stage, elderhood

To differentiate between protirement and retirement.

To encourage early discernment, planning, preparation of God’s life plan, including protirement planning

To emphasize aging & development ministry (“to” and “among” and “by” and “with”) second-halfers working together alongside gifted pastors

To focus on intentional all age evangelism

To coordinate volunteer church philanthropy

To pursue an generational, elderhood protirement, and volunteer church philanthropy development ministry seminary curricula


Neither New Beginnings website nor any of its book supports any one political party over another or advocates any one religion over another. It does advocate change based upon an added longevity 30-years bonus, the new elderhood life stage, young and old ageism as well as better generational and life stage understanding.

New Beginnings books are best described as religious self-help and were written as seminary texts for training and equipping students; for seminary graduate pastors; and for all age inter-generational laymen desiring training and equipping for the best use of their time for the Lord.