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Aging Christian Leadership Academy

About Aging Christian Leadership Academy (ACLA) is an online state of the art educational resource center website providing information, creating awareness, and second-half social change by all generations and life stages. The author’s experiential and research knowledge, and grasp of the truth that the "fear of God is the beginning of wisdom is "cramed'' into each course text.. The courses are a guide to help equip, energize, and enable each generation appropriate insight and answers concerning Aging Christian Leadership (In Alpha Order): Age Equality Aging Ministry Church Health Education Elderhood Estate Planning Family Budgeting Intentional Adult Evangelism Intergenerationalism Legacy Ma

Buy Now for Young Adults

A Great Home Isolation Read Sharing Lifetime Lessons "An Experiential Knowledge Personal Growth, Self-Help Reference" The author has a genuine passion for passing on a legacy of wisdom to future generations. The reference was written for parents; grandparents; men, legacy and youth groups for young adults. The book is a personal growth, self-help reference for all ages. The book is crammed with Bob’s years of experiential knowledge and research. Topic included following: Ageism Aging as a Positive Verb Aging Inspirational & Spiritual View Aging is a Good Thing Aging Sleep Change Awareness Death Preparation and Choices Dementia Planning Elderhood Protirement Planning Family Budget Planning Fa

Experiencing Now the Next 30 Years

An Essential for a Young Adult’s Future "Guide to Answers for the Next Generation" The Questions Come First, The Answer Come Latter" (2019) by Robert W. Chism, CAM (Bob) gives the answers to the hard questions young adults will experience in the next 30 years.," according to Ken Horn. He is former Senior Pastor of Grace Assembly of God in Springfield, Missouri, through 2020 and Former lead editor through 2014 of the Pentecostal Evangel (the official magazine of the Assemblies of God). According to Cavin T. Harper, Founder and President CHRISTIAN GRAND-PARENTING NETWORK (, the book content is not intended to be a scholarly introspection into various truth state

Another Book for Young Adults’ Future

Fundamental Retirement/Protirement Planning “Classic Primer for Young Adults” was New Beginnings first book defining young adults as the answer for elderhood relationship, bonding, and communication. In the Strangest Secret in the World, Earle Nightengale vocalized that “Success is moving toward a worthwhile goal. We become what we think about most.” This book is a classic primer for young adults and was written to encourage early discernment, planning, preparation of God’s life plan, including protirement. God has given us unique talents to use in fulfilling our specific plan. The following are essential keys to your planning: Salvation Stewardship Family Budgeting Estate Planning Legacy We

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