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Aging Christian Leadership Academy (ACLA) is an online state of the art educational resource center website providing information, creating awareness, and second-half social change by all generations and life stages.

The author’s experiential and research knowled...

                               A Great Home Isolation Read

Sharing Lifetime Lessons

"An Experiential Knowledge Personal Growth, Self-Help Reference"

The author has a genuine passion for passing on...

An Essential for a Young Adult’s Future

"Guide to Answers for the Next Generation" The Questions Come First, The Answer Come Latter" (2019) by Robert W. Chism, CAM (Bob) gives the answers to the hard questions young adults will experience in the next 30 years.," accordi...

Fundamental Retirement/Protirement Planning “Classic Primer for Young Adults” was New Beginnings first book defining young adults as the answer for elderhood relationship, bonding, and communication.

In the Strangest Secret in the World, Earle Nightengale vocalized that...

Honorary Doctor in Christian Leadership

Today Robert W. Chism, CAM (Bob) received an Honorary Doctor of Christian Leadership from Los Angels Development Church & Institute Inc., California (USA).An honorary degree is not an academic professional designation. It is besto...

Aging Christian Leadership Can Take Many Different Forms

In the Introduction to Aging Ministry: A Handbook, "Feed ALL My Sheep" (2020), the author sculptures aging Christian leadership into many different shapes

February 14, 2020

Initial 50+ Religious Learning Center Leadership Email Follow Up

All mailings to the 50+ Religious Learning Center Leadership have been completed. Initial follow up by New Beginning has been outstanding and we are only half way thru the email follow up list!

How sweet it...

February 11, 2020

 Religious Educational Centers for Learning
Author & Text Selection Criteria

The objective of this composition is about scrutinizing the subtitle and attempting to present a case for older aged authors with proven higher education, successful secular careers, intelligen...