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Robert W Chism, (Bob)

Webmaster, Author, Speaker, Consultant

My prayer is that God will grant me the opportunity to assist those to know His plan for them.

Robert W. Chism (Bob) is Certified in Aging Ministries (CAM) by the Center of Christian Leadership, School of Theology, Anderson University in Indiana, Gerontology Certification, and Aging Reading Certification; recognized for his years of research; founder of New Beginnings (www.; an author, speaker and consultant on generationalism, life stages and cycles ministry training & equipping tools that Bob has been instrumental in developing.

Call for “Change Advocates and Agents”:

There is not one Seminary that provides the curriculum necessary to educate the ministers to face the real world of the 21st century.

There will be no change until all ages know the playing field and are given the tools to change ministry for those who will be facing the future.

New Beginning’s contribution are Answers to the Next Generation (2019), Second-Half Ministry Seminary Curricula (2016) and Ageing Reading Certification Series of 12 volumes.

Shame on the Seminaries that bury their heads in the sand and fight for the status quo. God has a plan to use elderhood protirement adults.

“You are either for Me, or against Me.” God has spoken and those who refuse to do His will should take notice. May God’s will be done and may God forgive those that disobey His will.

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever [YOUNG and OLD] believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life,” John 3:16 (NIV). Christians at every level, have turn their backs on God. Any Seminary President, professor, graduate, student, or Church leadership responsible, may God be kind to you.

Each has but one life to serve. My prayer is that those “Change Advocates and Agents” shall hear the will of God and establish Second-Half (Ageing and Development) Ministry Seminary Curricula.

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