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Robert W Chism, (Bob)

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My prayer is that God will grant me the opportunity to assist those to know His plan for them.

Robert W. Chism (Bob) is founder of New Beginnings, an author of 15 books, 11 guides and numerous articles on Aging Ministry.

The problem is the complete lack of aging ministry training at the seminary level. The course work needed is NOT pastoral care, but attention on traditional pastoral and more contemporary broader societal aspects of aging. The course work needs to prepare student's in ministering to both ends of the life cycle, I.E., adolescents (ages 12-20), and elderhood (ages 65-84) in the 21st Century.

This is both an adolescent (Age 12-20) youth program and an elderhood (Age65-84), protirement adult program that simulation needs course work at the religious centers of learning and training.

Who is qualified at the Church corporate level to understand what is being discussed after years of tradition and group think? We are not taking about more pastoral care, but rather elderhood (Age 65-84), a new vibrant adult life stage that many PH. D’s are unfamiliar 

A system of education build on tradition, status quo, group think and inclination to placing higher degrees status is susceptible to blinder to modern, right-on, current social, more contemporary, broader societal aspects of aging education at both end of the life stage: Adolescent (Age 12-20) and Elderhood, Protirement (Age 65-84).

Would it not be tragic? If the Introduction to Aging Ministry: A Handbook
perception was a Don Quixote windmill tale, because of the above religious bias thinking?

May God make it clear His final word to the Church, “Feed ALL My Sheep.”

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