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Robert W Chism, (Bob)

Webmaster, Author, Speaker, Consultant

My prayer is that God will grant me the opportunity to assist those to know His plan for them.

About Robert W. Chism, CAM (Bob)


The foundation of Bob’s religious training has been his life:

71 years a Christian, IE only seven years less than his entire life

56 years of marriage

55 years a father

20 years a grandfather

Seven years caregiving for his wife for second stage dementia

Eight years of formal higher education

15 years of Aging Ministry research

Founder of New Beginnings and Aging Christian Leadership Academy

Over 2,500 pages on aging ministry in numerous articles, guides, and books

40 years of a successful executive financial and strategic business career


His formal religious education includes a Certification in Aging Ministries (CAM) from the Center of Christian Leadership, School of Theology, Anderson University (Indiana), in Gerontology, and Aging Readings. At the time, there was only one religious, educational center offering CAM. He also holds an Honorary Doctor in Christian Leadership from the Los Angeles Development Church & Institute (California).

In his aging ministry career, he has completed 15 years of research; founded New Beginnings (www., an online state of the art learning center for all ages; plus written guides ,books and numerous articles totaling over 2.500 pages.

The author wrote the following guides:

Individual Aging Plan Guides

Early Life

Next Generation







Elderhood Protirement Wellness

Finishing Extremely Well


Church Aging Guides

Church Health

Congregational Analysis

Aging and Development Ministry

Reading Certification Series

The author wrote the following books:

Sharing Lifetime Lessons
“An Experiential Knowledge Personal Growth, Self-Help Reference”

Introduction to Aging Ministry: A Handbook

“Feed ALL My Sheep”

Answers for the Next Generation

“Life’s Questions Just Come, but the Answers are Difficult and Innocuous”

Second Half of Life Seminary Curricula

“Less Talk About Mass-Aging and Much More Action”

12 Volume Aging Reading Certification Series

Fundamental Retirement/Protirement Planning

“Classic Primer for Young Adults”

God’s Grand Plan

“Believe & Achieve”

The Second Half of Life

“The Best is Yet to Come”

Chism’s Isms

“Seeking, Sharing-with, Serving All Ages”

Daily Legacy Living

“Religious, Financial, Mental, Physical Health, and Social Leadership”

Planning the Life God Wants

“Finishing Extremely Well”

Essential Ingredients for Second-Half Ministry

“Elderhood Protirement Empowerment”

Life Stages Lessons

“Salvation, Stewardship, Wellness, Works”

A New Life Stage

“Elderhood, Life after Adulthood” (Age 65 to 84)”

Making an Aging Difference

“Guides for a New Life and Better Society”

Longevity Response-Ability

“We're all on a Journey & leaving a Legacy. What will your life say?"

Second-Half Elderhood Protirement Ministry

“A New Official Resource Book”

The author has written numerous articles. The following are representative:


21st Century Church Growth

A Brave New Social Sector

Adult Ministry Plan for the Local Church

Against the Odds

A New and Better Second Half of Life Society

A reason, A season, A lifetime

Basic Second Half Ministry for 21st Century 'Tigers

God’s Call to Eternity

Healthy Lifestyle Plan

How Do You Plan to be Remembered?

Imagine Making Ageless Evangelism & Spiritual Growth A Priority!

Critical Points for Church Leadership About Adults Over 50

New Infusion of Enthusiasm for Midlife and Beyond Ministry

Pets Play an Important Role

Second Half Ministry Plan for the Local Church (Abridged Version)

Significant Health and Social Crises

The Twelve F’s of Super Centurions

Unbeliever Side Doors Evangelism USA Missions

Volunteer Management

He completed seven-years business higher education:

Magna Cum Laude Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Bowling Green University (Ohio)

Certified Public Accountant (Ohio and Illinois) retired

Management Master's degree from J L Kellogg Graduate School of Management Northwestern University (Illinois)

Before his protirement elderhood career, Bob completed a 40-year successful financial & strategic planning executive business career. He worked for four employers:

Price Waterhouse & Co. (Cleveland based International Certified Public Accounting firm).

ComCorp, Inc. (Cleveland based National Weekly Suburban Newspaper Chain).

Jepcor, Inc. (Chicago based International Dinnerware Wholesaler).

Kenall Manufacturing Co. (Chicago based International Lighting Company).

Aging Christian leadership is Bob's elderhood protirement's life work. He desires to achieve an accredited aging ministry curriculum for religious centers of learning as God gives him the strength.

In 2020 Bob wrote a text, the first of its kind entitled Introduction to Aging Ministry: A Handbook “Feed ALL My Sheep” (2020). In the book, the author sculptures aging Christian leadership into many different shapes.

The text was the basis for launching the 2020 Aging Ministry Accreditation Crusade. As one aspect of the Crusade was mailing to Over 50 Religious Learning Center across the country three books: Second Half of Life Seminary Curricula, Answers for the Next Generation, and Introduction to Aging Ministry: A Handbook over three month and followed up three times. The results were outstanding. Six or 12% became a member of the 2020 Class to purse Aging Ministry Accreditation for the seminaries. The Honor Roll follows:

Rev. Mary Ann Hawkins

Dean of our School of Theology and Christian Ministry

Anderson University School of Theology

1100 E. 5th St.,

Anderson, IN 46012

Dr. Jonathan Strom

Professor of Church History; Associate Dean of Faculty and Academic Affairs;

Director of International Initiatives

Candler School of Theology of Emory University 

1531 Dickey Drive

Suite 533

Atlanta, GA 30322

President Molly T. Marshall

Central Baptist Theological Seminary

6601 Monticello

Shawnee, KS 66226

Rev. Stephanie Buckhanon Crowder, Ph.D.

Vice President of Academic Affairs / Academic Dean

Associate Professor of New Testament

Chicago Theological Seminary

1407 E. 60th St.

Chicago, IL 60637

President and Professor of Theology Leanne Van Dyk

Columbia Theological Seminary

PO Box 520

Decatur, GA 30031

Academic Dean Dr. David Watson

United Theological Seminary

4501 Denlinger Road

Dayton, OH 45426

The process takes up to two years so that New Beginnings will be following up on the assigned faculty head in charge of the process.

We also have a professional prayer team who will be praying for the six institutions over the next two years for God's will. The Professional Prayer Team members follow:

Professor and Author Charles Arn

President Re-Ignite Richard Bergstrom

Director Re-Ignite Leona Bergstrom

Author Missy Buchanan

Dr. Peggy Fulghum

Professor and Author David P. Gallagher

Richard H. Gentzer, Jr. Executive Director ENCORE Ministry

Professor and Author Amy Hanson

Cavin Harper President of ElderQuest Ministries

Author John Heide

Planter and Pastor Chris Holck

Ken Horn, Former Senior Pastor of Grace Assembly of God in Springfield, Missouri, Former lead editor through 2014 of the Pentecostal Evangel (the official magazine of the Assemblies of God)

Chuck Stecker, President Center for Intergenerational Ministry, President/Founder of A Chosen Generation

Pastor Emeritus Ward Tanneberg

Wes Wick Co-Founders of YES!

Also, The Introduction to Aging Ministry: A Handbook text was the basis for establishing the Aging Christian Leadership Academy offering four correspondence courses for continued learning:


Introduction to Aging Ministry (101)
Lifetime Solution (102)
Answers for the Next Generation (103)
Retirement/Protirement Planning (104)

In addition, for 2020 and beyond New Beginnings (Executive Director/Founder Robert W. Chism, CAM [Bob]) and A Chosen Generation (President/Founder Chuck Stecker, Ph.D.) are teaming up to create greater awareness in many different ways for an accredited aging ministry curriculum for religious centers of learning of aging Christian Leadership.