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Robert W Chism, (Bob)

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My prayer is that God will grant me the opportunity to assist those to know His plan for them.

Robert W. Chism (Bob) is founder of New Beginnings, an author of 14 books, and numerous articles on all ages and generations.

Life seemed more fun, and growing up was simpler and safer. Then came what others expected (college, marriage, career, and family). Four decades later, for the first time, life was not consumed with making a living and there was discretionary time. However, there were new issues: Ageism, Longevity & the 30 Year Bonus, Elderhood, Protirement, Centurions,

Since 2003, I have been on a journey. Through the journey, a purpose, plan, and vision evolved. My purpose is to seek action steps that are consistent with New Beginnings (See New Beginnings sub-menu). During this period, it became painfully clear that I needed to have started life planning much earlier.

Not only is it necessary to work with all ages, but simultaneously with Seminary Curriculum, generations cognize, inter-generationalism, but, at the same time, expose all generations and ages to the shifting 30-year longevity bonus.

My Harvard University brief Masters training, pointed out that “it is import to differentiate between the symptoms and the problem.” The problem is the lack of ageing training at the seminary level. Seminary students to date have not been trained to understand the 30-year bonus. As a result, ages 12-50 are not prepare and adults over 50 are not given a productive role in God’s plan.

Shame on the Seminaries that bury their heads in the sand and fight for the status quo. God has a plan to use elderhood protirement adults to further his kingdom. In the final days, how can any Christian deny the error of his ways for not bring all ages together for God.

There will be no change, until adolescent, youth adult and midlife stages know the playing field and are given the tools to change ministry for those who will be facing the future.

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