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A Brave New Social Sector

Job 32:7 Age should speak; advanced years should teach wisdom.


Effectiveness, success, greatness, significance, fulfillment, relevance, contribution in the second half of life is possible for everyone, because of the gift of choice.


The America civilization has seen five ages in its history: Hunter-Gather, Agricultural, Industrial, Information, and Wisdom.


The new social sector is the movement of wealth creation from financial capital to intellectual and social capital by men and women in the second of life moving from the information age to the wisdom age with a 30 year bonus of longevity to express their voice. This voice expression is captured in a chart by Steve Covey, in The 8th Habit, (2006):



This discretionary time affluent sector is choosing to individually and collectively (inspire others) voice their outreach purpose of serving human needs.


Half Time (1994) Bob Buford, The Third Age (2000) William A Sadler PhD,Changing Course (2007) William A Sadler PhD & James H Kreft PhD, and A Long Bright Future (2011) Laura L Carstensen PhD are just a few books about longevity, aging, and the evolution of a new social sector.


At the November, 2011 Anaheim, California Christian Association Serving Adults (CASA) Network International Leadership Conference, I had the opportunity to hear longevity and aging expert Laura L Carstensen PhD, Founding Director of the Stanford Center of Longevity.


First foremost, she expressed the need to stop thinking about and planning life as it used to be lived. She further explained away the myths and misconceptions about aging that stop us from adequately preparing for the future individually and as a mature society. As her friend, Marc Freedom, CEO of the think tank Civic Ventures puts it: “The old retirement dream of the freedom from work needs to be replaced by a new version: freedom to work in any new way, on new terms, to even more important ends”.


There is every reason to believe that this independent, volunteer, third sector may well hold the answer to restoring the values of democracy and community as well as taking care of community and social problems, without further erosion of individual liberties or big government abuse of power by unsustainable welfare debt for health care, Medicare, unemployment, poverty, Social Security, and housing legislation.


How do you for see your second half of life?